Thanks to cutting-edge know-how and tools, we have become a benchmark in product co-design and development and a centre of research for new materials.

The FA foundry produces ferrous alloys of cast iron and steel, with two separate production units.


The types of cast iron produced include:

In terms of steel, we produce both austenitic steels for high temperatures alloyed with Nickel-Chrome, as per standard 10295, and special steels for high temperatures which optimise performances and costs compared to known alloys, in collaboration with our clients.

The chemistry-metallurgy laboratory and the metrological laboratory are located in the heart of the foundry, acting as centres for the exchange of information and assessments between the production departments (core production, moulding, smelting) and the technical services (modelling, the technical office, maintenance).

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The chemistry-metallurgy laboratory, staffed by technicians with decades of experience in constant collaboration and communication with the production departments, handles quality controls on products and on the production cycle: from the selection and acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials to determining smelting loads and casting parameters, melting and casting checks, checking the quality of foundry sand and cores, and controlling the chemical, mechanical, metallurgical and metrological characteristics of castings.


Over time, the company has built up a structure, skill set and instruments that allow it to take on research and development projects financed with internal resources and co-financed by institutions and clients. Some of these projects, in the field of materials, have enabled new ferrous alloys for high temperatures to be designed and, in some cases, patented. These may be of great interest to and highly appreciated by the market.

The level of resources used, the complex nature of the planning and experimentation carried out, and the opportunity to interact with research bodies outside of the company to conduct these projects have enabled the company to significantly increase its know-how and range of tools. 


This in turn allows it to offer itself to current and future clients as a centre of excellence in development and co-design, and to establish itself as a research and control centre for new materials, within the context of Italy’s regional Innovation Hubs.


The 4 laboratories of the Quality service (chemistry-metallurgy, 2 metrological laboratories, non-destructive testing) are equipped with:

Under the direct guidance and control of NDT level 2 qualified operators: